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Can anyone help me with or direct me to a site that can help me figure out the best internet access kiosk software available right now. I work for two hotels and I would like to install kiosk software on all our business center PC's but am unfamiliar with this kind of software. I've looked for reviews & ratings for them but not much exists or at least not that I've been able to find. So far I've found 5 different site kiosk programs but considering the cost of this kind of software I'd like to be able to see some 3rd party reviews/ratings so I can seperate the better programs from the also rans. I even emailed 4 different editors at and asked if they had done any reviews of this kind of software or had any plans to do so but none of them responded.

Any help would be greatly appriciated.

Mark in San Diego
I found this. They claim to be the Largest Independent Kiosk Software Developer.
Kiosk Software

Doesn't the Hotel Industry have some sort of a National Association. It seems like they would be the most familiar with this type of software to give out recommendations on actual use.
Hi, you might consider using iMac computers for this. I wrote an application that might be useful for that - I hope I'm not breaking any rules here but the software is called eCrisper and the web site is

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