Guys, I want to buy a new keyboard, and I can get the Microsoft Bluetooth keboard and mouse for £115. I would buy it, But it's a little expensive and I'm wondering if it is worth it to spend so much money on a keyboard and mouse. So I was considering just going with the Microsoft WIRLELESS keyboard and mouse for £30 and with the extra money buying a steering wheel for my computer for £50. MY question is will the wireless ones be good?? I don't want it to stop working if its took a little to the right or nothing like that..,.


Wireless is Ok, but dont go Bluetooth unless you have a PDA and mobile phone that uses bluetooth technology, and you want to wirelessly interphase with those devices. Just go standard wireless. I would go with that cool combo pack from Logitech. I hate Microsoft's keyboards, they are crap! I use a Logitech, and a Logitech MX510 Gaming mouse, and they are both in great shape after one year of wear and tear! I bought a Microsoft Keyboard, and it broke in less then 3 months... CRAP! You choice though, but Microsoft does have that cool fingerprint keyboard... :D


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as has been said if u buy a known brand like logitech, which i also favour over microsoft you should be ok with it.Just think of all the blue screens of death u get on windows, and remember microsoft made that ;)

the bluetooth keyboard is a waste of money really for what u want it for.
Wireless is good, if u have a decent make i bought a cheapo combo set awhile back took it 5 inches from the receiver and it didnt work, and make sure u have a steady supply of batteries as its irritating when they run out when ur trying to work lol.