Keyboard Putting Computer To Sleep


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Hi all.

First of all, it has been a long time since I've been on here (check out the signature to see HOW long it has been (not my current system anymore)! :D), but I've recently encountered an issue and am just at a dead loss.

I have a Saitek Eclipse keyboard (first-gen) which has given me no problems for the past 3 or 4 years, but the other day it started to. Every time my machine booted into Windows, it would put the computer to sleep. Keyboard didn't work either (though it did work doing a Ctrl-Alt-Del during posting). Tried on several different machines and as soon as Windows 7 (or XP for that matter) installed drivers/detected what it was, it would put the computer to sleep. The day before that it worked fine for several hours.

Anyone ever heard of this before? I really did enjoy that keyboard... Although now I have a Das Keyboard on the way so I doubt I'll really mind that much. Still, it'd be a good spare to have laying around.



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Nope, haven't heard of that happening before.

Oh, and welcome to the world of mechanical keyboards :)


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I have the same keyboard I think, it has red top and bottom sections with the main keyboard section being black.

It has a few function, silver, keys at the top and it does come with basic driver software to run it, although I don't bother with the software anymore; just means I don't get visuals of the caps/num lock in the taskbar.

When you can go to Start > Control Panel > Performance and Maintenance > Power Options. Then go into the Advanced tab. If you have the "When I press the Sleep button:" drop down menu then select "Do Nothing".

If this resolves the problem then the Stand By button on the keyboard is stuck or if you have the driver software installed then re-install it.

See if this works.


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Sorry folks, been without a computer for a while.

There is no sleep button on the keyboard, so that can't be it. Remeniz, I believe you have the updated version of mine which did include some function buttons. Mine is a standard keyboard, so that can't be the issue. Plus, the keyboard hadn't even moved since it last worked and when it died. It was in perfect shape. :(

About the number lock, I did notice that it was on, but I could never get it to actually turn off because as soon as Windows installed the default drivers, it would go to sleep!

I have to admit though, just got my Das Keyboard all set up and everything... Wow, love this thing. Well worth the money.

About to pull the trigger on a little GTX 465! Been a while since I've been into computer gaming, but a friend told me to pick up Metro 2033 and it's pretty unbearable on my current system... Speaking of, off to update my signature. ;)

Thanks guys.