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I have an older 233 mhz P2 but when i start it like 75% of the time it sais keyboard not connected hit F1 to continue or sumthen like that, ive tryed atleast a dozen diff keyboards but no luck, the ps2 port is connected traight to the mobo so ide half to replac the whole mobo if it was sumthen wrong with that so i wanna exhaust all my other options b 4 i go looking for an P2 mobo wich would take a while. Any help guys?
well, it doesnt look too good im afraid..

one very simple fix might be to blow into the ps2 socket, if a wide range of keyboards work it will be a motherboard problem, but it doesnt have to be too technical to be a simple piece of dust clutterage in the socket itself.

if that fails, do you have any usb ports? (my guess is probably not seeing as its an older computer). If you dont feel like forking out money for another motherboard, i would suggest you buy a usb port card, which plugs into a spare PCI slot on your motherboard, acting as a host for usb devices. then you can buy a 15 dollar usb keyboard and plug it in, and that should work.

otherwise, ive run out of any other options you could try..
Ya that was my second option was to get a USB keyboard but i was wondering can u get sumthen that turn the USB port into a PS2 like a converter or sumthen cuz i know u can turn a PS2 into USB , but i remember sumone said like i think it was sum low-end computer store that u cant convert USB to PS2 but only PS2 to USB. were they correct?
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