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I have the Razer Blackwidow Ultimate Elite Mechanical Gaming Keyboard (with the blue led backlights)

Never had an issue with it. Installed a solid state drive in my comp and went to backup my mechanical. The keyboard no longer worked on the mechanical. Checked for driver updates and uninstalled and reinstalled keyboard. Nothing seemed to fix it. Keyboard worked fine with ssd though. Now months later the keyboard is doing the same thing with my SSD.

If I manually shutdown my computer... at the safe mode or start normally screen the keyboard works. As soon as I get to windows login or after I log in (using on sceen keyboard) the keyboard does not function at all. All I get is a blue led backlit keyboard that wont respond.


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When you uninstalled/reinstalled the keyboard, did you do it through Device Manager?

Did you uninstall/reinstall the Razer software as well?
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