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Ok, so I have been having a problem with my keyboard. This problem happens all the time, I oculd be playing a game or typing.

What happnes is for example, If I am playing a game and I press A, or D to turn and hold it down. When I let go of the key the character/vehicle will keep turning for about 5-10 seconds after I have let go. Also sometimes this can happen when I type, the letters will display after a few seconds, and as soon as I finish typing a sentence, the sentence will still be coming up letter by letter.

Currently I am using a G19 keyboard which I brought about 1 week ago, so I havent yet tried to do this with another keyboard. Just wanted to see if this is a problem that has nothing to do with the keyboard.

I am running on Windows 7 Ultimate x64 too.

Check your Keyboard Properties. You may have the repeat delay set wrong.

If the keyboard has any special drivers make sure they are installed.
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