Key board not working help!

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Whenever i plug my keyboard in (its a ps2 plug) i got from my grandparents (e machines) into my computer, both the caps and the num lock light up but the keyboard is not responding. None of the keys do anything what so ever. When i go to Control panel>system>keyboards, it doesnt show up. i dont know what the problem is. Ive tried turning the computer off, unpluging it and plugging it back in. Nothing. Everytime i start it up both caps and num lock come on but again like i said nothing. Help please!!!!
I would probably try the keyboard on another computer to make sure its not faulty. I'm not sure if you should need drivers as every keyboard that I've seen that connects with PS/2 or USB works without drivers (think about how you need to be able to use keyboard to access bios before any software actually loads).
I think it is getting power, but a pin might be bent or missing. Therefore, you get the lights, but not detected.
If you have USB inputs (I'm assuming you do), you could spend around $10 and buy a USB keyboard. I've found them to be easier to deal with compared to the PS/2 keyboards. Just a thought :big_grin:
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