Keeping in shape as a software developer (or IT professional in general)


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Hey Guys! I'm a software engineer myself and I know keeping fit can be a challenge.

What are your two biggest challenges when it comes to losing weight and keeping in good shape ?


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find a good MMA school nearby usually they have strength training program there as well unlike traditional martial arts which have the bare bones strength training..
keeps you in shape and motivated
and gives you skills if you want to back it up when you troll online and someone calls you out in real life lol


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Thank you for the responses guys, super helpful. I'm starting my coaching/consulting business for my fellow software engineers and trying to understand their problems better. I have been conducting some interviews with people on the phone and if anyone of you interested, I'd be thrilled to have a call with you and ask you couple questions about the struggles you are having when it comes to keeping in shape/healthy. Again, thank you so much for your input!


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I'm doing low carb to help lose weight. I should start walking soon and will be getting a gym membership soon.


About the only thing i miss from my field services days
However I am currently monitoring my weight as i would like to see about joining the Australian Armed Forces in about 2 years time.