K7S5A Pro. No Sound!

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I recently got a K7S5A Pro mainboard. Everything is working fine except for the onboard sound. I can't hear anything. Even after downloading drivers from the SiS website and installing drivers from the CD that came with the mainboard. I checked to make sure onboard sound was enabled in the BIOS and it is. I have a 1.3Ghz Athlon T-bird and Windows XP.
Are the drivers in device manager listed as working properly? Also, have you check the volume controls in advanced mode, some may be muted.
What are you testing the sounds with? I know the windows sounds like the bootup noise and stuff were all OFF by default on my machine. Have you tried playing an MP3 or sumthin?
Also make sure you have the speakers plugged in to the right port on the sound card and all that. I have done that before ;)
Yeah, everything is plugged in correctly. I have tried playing games and MP3s and I can't hear anything.
Hmm, that aint good. Im fresh out of ideas, I may be getting old, im sure someone on here will have something else for you to try.
Not really.. it is possible that you need to flash your bios with the newest version, but other than that... maybe your onboard sound is just fried.
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