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I just got a K7S5A Pro mainboard. Everything works fine except for the onboard sound. I can't seem to get it working, it's like there is a really, really, really low sound whenever I play music or stuff like that and it dissapears when I pull the audio-plug so it's not just some interferense. It doesn't matter how high I set the sound to. All I can hear are faint sounds if I crank it wayy up. I have win98se.
1. make sure it is not muted, or the main volume controls are not all the way down..
2. check the advanced options (if available) to see if loudness is check. or some advanced options allow for bass and treb control. put those in the middle (center)
3 check left and right, center that.
4. Try a pair of head phone to make sure your connector is not bad on you speakers.
5. if still low volume, look for an updated driver
6. if all else fails the amp for the soundcard is bad, get a SB live for 40 bux.
Randy. Those like posts to Google are worthless. These people come here for help. If you dont have any ideas, please dont post that. Its not the first time you've done it.
Man, oh, man. Isn't there another thread here with a similar problem? The K7S5A is a good board for the price, but known to have some strange problems.

I have the K7S5A and it's flaky onboard sound card. The SiS 7012, right? You have a few options. (IÂ’m going to assume youÂ’ve already checked out all the Windows software sound settings.)

1.) Like Jeeper said, get a new soundcard (making sure to disable the onboard sound in Bios.)

2.) Mess with it yourself. A few things you can tryÂ….

a.) Download latest SiS 7012 driver here:


b.) Remove soundcard (in bios), reboot, reenable soundcard in bios and reboot.

c.) If you have them (or can borrow them), try a different set of speakers.

d.) Connect your soundcard to stereo tuner/amplifier (you’ll need a 1/8” male to dual RCA male patch cord for this) and see if this boosts sound.

I had all kinds of weird errors (mine were internet related) and had to disable sound everytime I accessed the internet (IRQ problems are a b**ch to fix in Â’98). Finally upgraded to XP home ed, had NO sound at all, but with some tweaking and uninstall/reinstalls, got rid of problems.

Hope some of this helps. If not, get a PCI soundcard and the heck with the onboard audio.

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