Just tried the red orchestra trial on steam..


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I can't understand how some people can enjoy being slow snails without crosshairs. All weapons are random to the point it makes CS's weapons look accurate, stamina drains easily, etc..

Sure that might be realistic and all.. but I don't understand how that is fun. It's annoying to me, I played for 5 mins and felt like I was being torchured.

Just appears to be 'another' WWII game.. I hate that era, I wish they would concentrate on a better one. (like the 1980s or something, desert storm, etc)


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yea, i kinda like it... kinda wish it had of been on the source engine though...

as for the game play... you would have to at least give it a try for a few hours to get the feel of it. If you have no attention span, maybe this isnt your game.