Just saw Superman


Golden Master
Haha, just got back from watching Superman Returns. Now, I'm going to give you the spoiler right here, but it will be white out. If you want to know more about it, just highlight it below in the huge empty area.

This movie was pretty good. Never a doubt in my mind that it was going to be this good. The opening credits was exactly like the original Superman 1 movie, but the special effects are better. The same theme music was there also. It was the original soundtrack just remastered using dolby digital technology. This is worth the money for admissions. It takes off from the last Superman movie and I repeat: This is not a remake!!!!!!

Kevin Spacey did an EXCELLENT job portraying Lex Luthor. FOr a moment, I thought he was really Gene Hackman in the original Superman movie. Oh, there were quite a few instances where the new Superman resembles so much as the Christopher Reeve in the old Superman movies. Great job casting crew!!!!!! Overall, the actors were that of the old Superman movies. The core is there, just with different actors. Character acting was very consistent from the original movie. That's what I love about it. You won't miss a beat. The new Superman does a very good job portraying the old Clark Kent and Superman, just the way Christopher Reeve did.

Oh and another thing. Spiderman 3 trailer is out!!! I saw that too while watching Superman. Wow, it looks very good!!!! Enter the Venom!! Venom is the black goo like alien life form that uses Peter Parker as the host for it's evil deeds. So it's Spiderman vs Venom. There's also that sandman creature I saw, but the trailer was brief. Same characters are back including Harry, Mary Jane. There are more of course, but that's all I saw from the trailer. Apparently, Peter looks as if he has a split personality because of Venom. He has a black spider suit (of course).

Spoiler: (this film brought out a shocking twist. I was shocked myself during the movie to find out that....)

Superman has a son in this movie. Apparently before Superman left earth to search for his home planet Krypton (because astronmers on Earth discovered a planet in deep space to what appears to be planet Krypton, but it turns out that it was indeed, completely destroyed), he and Lois performed a little procreation....who new. The little boy (forgot his name already, lol) who is Lois Lane's son was actually Superman's son and not Richard (Lois's fiance). The kid demonstrated his strength only once. He appears to be a normal kid but after being traumatized with his mom on the verge of getting killed, the little boy somehow dug deep within himself and revealed his powers (super strength). He pushed a piano so hard, that it crushed one of Lex Luthor's henchmen smashing it up at the same time. Superman appears to die in the movie towards the end, but the love of his son revived him. He was actually hospitalized!!!! Superman was that close to dying, actually flat lined. He got it from moving an island-size Kryptonite infested mini-continent that Lex Luthor tried to create on Earth. In the end, good guys win.

~mr mixx~

The Candyman
Haven't saw it yet either, i still have to see war of the worlds / neon flux / and a few more 1st.... i still haven't seen the new batman movie either. not a big fan of batman movies but i still like to see em.


Golden Master
I was originally going to go see the Fast and the Furious because all the newspapers and posters said it was scheduled to release Superman on June 30th, this Friday. But when I got to AMC theaters, sure enough, today was the opening day!!!!! I jumped on the ticket and said, "Screw Fast and the Furious".


Golden Master
You didn't have to read the bottom part in the first post. That's why I white it out for those who don't want to know, lol. Movies are just for fun. I love comic book turned film. Spiderman 3 should be a huge hit. Can't wait for that.


Fully Optimized
WHAT!? Whos NOT a superman guy?! What kind of geek are you!?




Golden Master
Dammit, they also have Superman on IMAX 3D!!!!! I should've watched it on that. Maybe I'll watch it again, hehe.