just curious

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just curious guys but what do u think

first cpu's AMD athlons vs. Intel's pentium 4's

second vid cards ATI vs. Nvidia

third, whats ur opinions on the best MB's

fourth overclocking are u for it or against.

if u get some time plz post ur thoughts

i realize this may have already been posted before which im sure it has but id like a fresh perspective on it, new things comin out everyday u kno and im gettin ready to scrap my puter and build one so ur opinions would b great .


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AMD (cheeper with equal if not better performance)

ATI (9800XT > FX5950 Ultra)
Nvidia makes a nice card that can keep up with and ATI at baseline, but it can't keep up with ati on any level when AF and FSAA are turned on. If you want your games to look smooth and clean, ATI all the way :cool:

ASUS (Just always had one and liked them, never a problem)

if you know what you are doing and wont fry out your equiptment, go for it :D


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"i thought u guys would have been a little more opinionated on this one"

This horse has already been beaten to death. you can search back through the threads. basically some like ati, some nvidia, some intel, some amd.
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