Just Cause 2 - Best fun ever ?

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First of, i would like to point out that i hated Jc1, so this opinion is totally unbiased.

But i have never played a demo for so long in all my life. They give you huge area (25sqkm), which is actually around 1/25th the full game. And there are so many things to do, fly heli's, tanks, motorbikes, cars, do base jumping, do stunt jumps, go on rampages and then link them all together.

Its the first game in a long time which is all about fun. It links good(well actually, highly optimized and fantastic) graphics with awesome gameplay, and from what i can tell it doesn't really care about the story or any of that malarky - it's just an ultimate sandbox game that lets you do what you want.

I really can't go on about everything you can do in this game, but i can assure you some of the things you can do are crazily fun and this download is SO worth it. It is more fun than many full retail games.

But there are several things you must do to get the most out of the game:

head here > Just Cause 2 V2 - "He got me with his wire thing!" - Facepunch for more info.
Alternatively, download this: http://mod.gib.me/justcause2/alldemovehicles.zip and place the unzipped folder in the JC2 diretory

and then get this: http://m0.to/BOLOPatch/BOLOPatch.exe (You may need to go to roughly page 28 on the forum link and fine BOLOPatch 1.15c if you are having issues), alternatively launch the linked exe in admin mode after the game is running.

I advise going to the original link going to the facepunch.com forum as the trainer is updated very regularly (3 times already since i started using it about 6pm yesterday).
tagging this so I don't forget to check it out when I get home! thanks

edit: Where is the demo download itself?? All these links are to items other then the demo right?

edit: nevermind, going to d/l it on xbox right now
I just download the demo for the 360, graphic was insanely horrible, it was literally killing my eyes. I can't wait until i download it for my PC, it going to be mind-blowing:sweat:
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