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computer guy who signed up for this forum. I've been to a few before but they all turned out to be, uh, shall we say...full of themselves..ok so, I hope this is a good site. I've been out of the computer scene for about a year now ever since my motherboard died on my other computer, I was always too lazy to fix it. But now I have been rejuvinated and must return to cyber world where I was/am destined to be....

I guess I might as well kill two birds with one stone and ask you all a question I need answered while I'm sitting here. I'm basically rebuilding that computer that died on me (I mentioned earlier), I'm getting a PSU, CPU, GPU, and motherboard for it..Ive got everything under control except the gpu. I'm probably going with the 6600GT PCIe, what I need to know is who manufactures the best gpu's in your oppinions, like chaintech, leadtek, rosewill, etc....

Any help would be great, and looking forward to the site.


~mr mixx~

The Candyman
1st of all i just wanted to welcome you to Computer Forums....

As for joining our cyber city in space, you have made a good choice !!
The people on here know their stuff, and are pretty fast to reply too.

I hope you enjoy your stay here with us...:cool:

Techy Geek

Daemon Poster
Welcome to CF, its a great site, i've had some brill responses to my questions, and as David Lindon the wonderful and origional once said:
"hello and welcome to CF" :)