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Does anybody here knows what Windows XP stand for and the true name for Microsoft Longhorn to be released in 2005?
Among the Microsoft developers, XP is 2001 in Roman numerals. The more standard MMI was avoided, because the MRNSDK (Microsoft Roman Numeral Development Kit) doesn't fully support the M symbol for 1000. Of course, P is not generally included in the Roman numeral system; it was quietly added between the 1.01 and subsequent 8.0 releases of the MRNSDK. Though undocumented, and possessing obscure semantics, the P extension is widely used. In any case, it is easy to verify through experimentation that XP = 2001. (Posted on comp.os.linux.advocacy by Robert Morelli)
Well it sounds good anyway
eXtra Pain
eXtra Processor
eXtra Pathetic
eXpand PC
eXplode PC
eXtremely Proprietary
eX Paperclip (they got rid of it at last)
eXponential Pricing
eXtra Problems
eXtacy Pill
eXtra Payment
eXtra Profits
eXtremely unPredictable
Xenophobic Programming
eXtended Protocols
eXcentric Programming
10th Pre-beta
eXcremental Pile
eXclude Pirates (that was the plan, anyway)
Xmas Party
eXtra Pillow (useful for when you're waiting for it to boot)

The real answer, however, was revealed by Bill Gates at the Windows XP launch in New York where Regis Philbin staged a mock-up of his famous "Who Wants to be a Millionaire" and asked Mr. Gates what the XP stood for. (originally seen here)

REGIS PHILBIN: Bill Gates, what does the XP in Windows XP stand for? Is it extreme power, expediency, experience, supercalifragilistic-XP-alidocious?

BILL GATES: Well, itÂ’s a pretty easy one. I think IÂ’ll go with C.

REGIS PHILBIN: Experience? You say experience, final answer?

BILL GATES: Final answer.

REGIS PHILBIN: All right. And youÂ’re right. Bill Gates, youÂ’ve just won a hundred dollars.
According to Microsft when they released it, XP means eXPerience since they learned that DOS isn't good anymore and didn't want to repeat the mistakes of Win9x and WinME.

XP makes me feel like I'm playing D&D. LOL
Windows XP pro is actually a pretty good OS for bloatware.A lot better than 98 SE.I cant wait for linux to improve on some of there quirks but its a trip to be learning.
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