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Ive been playing BF2 now and love it, but I think I need to update my video driver. As soon as the demo loads and I start to move, large chunks of grass turn dark. It does this on and off. I was gonna use the 'update driver' option that came with the demo, but Ive never heard of the driver they have listed. Nvidia driver 71.89 is the newest........right?
So your graphics card is a 6800 Ultra is an ATI Radeon X800 SE better then that?

and how many GHz do you have
why are you even considering a X800SE

the x800se is a piece of crap

if you're getting a card, go for a MINIMM of 6600GT, 6800GT is better if you got the money

also, you're gonna need a gig of ram if you don't already have it (PC3200, not your old PC2100 that came with your 6 year old dell; they're very cheap now at only like $85 a gig)

if you're going AMD; go for a AMD 3000+ Venice at minimum
if you're going intel (i wouldn't suggest intel though); go for 3.0Ghz
how are the planes? do they handle well? and are they too fast like the jets in secret wepons add on for 1942? those jets were awful, you take off, and your out of the map before you know it and you get killed.
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