iTunes VIA NAS - Connection Lost


Beta member
First I have the following:
MacBook (Intel)
Linksys BEFW11S4 V4 (Wireless B) Router

I have the network setup using SMB connection. The NAS from what I understand is set up correctly. I can view my files. I am connecting to the network via wireless connection from my MacBook.

I have transferred my itunes folder and it works perfectly if I have the NAS hooked up via USB (at this point it is just an external hard drive).

When I try to connect iTunes via the network the following happens:
Loading iTunes Library
iTunes loads up ... then "Server Connection Interrupted: Public (folder name) Disconnect" This happens every time it connects to the NAS.
I reconnect to the NAS but this is an ongoing problem. It seems I can't connect to the NAS or iTunes is trying to transfer too much data for the NAS or the router.

Do you think the issue is with the router or NAS?

I was able to get it to work once with my MacBook connected via ethernet to the router. When I changed songs i lost the connection.