It's been a super long time, so I figure that I would reintroduce myself.


Fully Optimized
United States
Hey all!

I've done this once before, so I'll keep it short and to the point.
I love hunting down and removing malware, along with every type of malware study you can think of. I write a lot of lab malware just to see what can be done.
That having been said, I'm a programmer, music lover, anime lover, western lover, really just lover of movies in general...
And I'm not malicious, despite my insistence on writing malicious computer programs. I don't like harming people, and I despise people who use our god given talent to cause others pain. Well, I don't despise the people who do it, but I despise the act.

Any old friends wanna pop in and say hi! I bet there's a few people here that I haven't chatted with in a while. :)

It's nice to see you all again! :)
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