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Ok. I thought of this idea. To eliminate ALL needs for cooling 'cept for the heatsink/fan....use a fridge as a case. Check it out.. You can drill a hole in the side for the power cord..just leave the plug just out so you can fill the gap with some glue, then you can have an extension chord attached to the plug so you don't have to undo the glue. Next, cut out 5.25 inch bays for the CD drives and fill the gaps with clue. The mobo and psu will just be laying on a plastic rack inside. The video card will have the VGA cable attached, and the same method with the power cord will be used with the VGA cable. But you can't move the monitor I guess.. No need for fans because it's a fridge. And you can get a really small one for like $100, just as much as a case. Anyone wanna try it?!?!?!?!?!! :D
Ehh I could always take my comp. outside where it's freezing at night, but the air is just too humid around here at this time of year. ;)
I agree with MicroBell!! Condensation... I wonder... if bought like a metal case and put everything in it, then put that metal box in the fridge, will it still get condensation?
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