It's 911...What will you be doing?

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It is now one year after the cowardly act of terrorism in the United States. I received an email that asked that I wear red, white, and blue to commemorate the victims, their families, and the heroes. I am doing that today, will you?

Also, let's not forget the countless lives that have been lost to terrorism around the world. If nothing else, please take a moment to remember those victims, families, and heroes that have been involved with the attrocities of terrorism in your thoughts and prayers.

This commemoration of today is a symbol of the worldwide disdain for all the cowardly acts of terrorism.

Thanks for reading. Thanks for remembering.
Almost everyone, including me, was wearing red, white and blue at school today.

Now we will have a moment of silence for the lost lives in this tragedy. :)
Today all the emergency services done a round trip of our town with there sirens on ect and a martch. I went a watched a little to pay my respects.

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