Is this the furthest I can OC my CPU?


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So I just bought the Thermalright Ultra-120 Extreme CPU Cooler and I wanted to OC my old 3800+ X2 Dual core to get the most out of it before i have to upgrade.

SO I get it today, and following this guide

1. Boot the computer into the BIOS screen.

2. Increase Motherboard Clock Speed or FSB speed in 5-10MHz increments. Reboot after each increment to ensure that the system can still boot into Windows properly.

3. If the system hangs, crashes or refuses to boot into Windows, increase the memory voltage slightly and retry. If this does not work, increase the chipset voltage slightly and try again, finally, increase the core voltage. If this still does not work, reduce FSB settings slightly, reset the voltages to their previous values and try again.

4. Keep going until the computer can no longer boot reliably into Windows, then back off to the previous safe settings. Keep an eye on the processor's temperature in the BIOS. Remember that it should be under 70°C to avoid limiting the overclocking potential and triggering the processor's thermal throttling feature.

5. Benchmark the overclocked system and compare the results to the performance baseline established earlier. If the system does not complete the benchmarks or crashes, either reduce the FSB setting slightly or increase voltages to compensate and retry.

6. Depending on the current overclocked FSB speed, a memory divider may be used to try to achieve higher speeds. Note that the memory may not be the limiting factor, and if it is not, the divider will not help.

7. Once a fully benchmarked overclocked setting is achieved, run the Prime95 stress test for a couple of hours to verify that the system is generally stable. Enjoy the free additional performance!
from here

And I followed the steps. Increased my FBS Bus Frequency bye 10 each time.

So started at 200, went to 210, then 220, then 230. At 230 it seemed like some programs had a hard time starting up. And they went to the "Not responding" window.

So I restarted the comp went into bios, and increased my DRam Voltage to the next available voltage (think it was 2.66? maybe dont hold me to that)

Started it up, seemed to do it again. And following the guide I upped the Chip Set Volt next.

Then it started up and is working fine. So I am at 2.3GHz right now

Now i try to go up to 240MHz and I get this weird windows screen telling me to instert my windows cds..

So i tried what the above said, I increased my Memory, then Chipset then Core volt and it still did it.

Does this mean that the furtest I can go is 2.3 GHz? If so that kinda sucks........

Also I was a lil confused by which volt to increase since mine didn't say Memeory volt, or Core Volt.

I have

CDT Volt control (I assumed this was the core volt)
and the
DRam Volt control (assumed it was the memory volt)

Any help would be great!!!!!!!! thanks


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First of all, use Prime95 to test for stability. You will have to run 2 instances of it, so just install it twice, each time to different folders. Overclocking is a long process. If you want to make sure its stable, I would run it for 6 hours or more.

You can turn voltages up more, loosen up RAM timings, and set the HTT multiplier down to see if that helps.

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I just looked through the manual and all I could find for the CPU voltage is called the CPU VID Control. I didn't see anything referencing CDT Volt Control.

What options do you have under CDT Volt Control?