Is this possible?


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ello! :wave:

I currently have a Windows 10 on my new laptop with Office 365 and when I click on version about option I see Word 2019 MSO 16.0 and Outlook 2019 16.0.

I have a few emails that are logged inside Outlook and when I open Word, they are all logged in on the top right corner.

This is an issue for me because I realized that if I save/edit a Word document, Word automatically places the name of the person associated with one of the emails as the author.

Every time I close out the following prompt, - Outlook continues to ask me to log in every time unless I click yes. Now, when I cancel that prompt out, Microsoft Word doesn't log any of my emails. Which is what I want however, Outlook keeps on asking me for my credentials repeatedly.

Is there a way to remove my emails out of Microsoft Word while keeping my emails maintained in Outlook without re-adding my credentials every-time?

If there is no way to reconfigure it, then the only thing I can think of is create a macro to have Microsoft Word automatically remove my personally identifying information for every document thereafter. Especially since the option is grayed out:

My other question is, since there is a option in Outlook that would enable me to read all emails in plain text. Is it possible to create a macro/vba code that would allow me to pick and choose which emails I can read in plain text/no HTML? I get a lot of phishing emails and would like to avoid any email trackers from hitting me.

Thank you and hope someone can help me out!