Is this normal? Vista/Photo Gallery Question.


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Alright I just noticed this today. I have a folder with about 8,000 pictures in it right? When I double click a picture to open it up with Windows Photo Gallery, it takes about 1 second before it opens up. I have other folders with maybe a couple hundred pictures in them, and they seem to load right up instantly on double click.

Another question I have is, can you even open up .GIF's in Vista's Photo Gallery? I'm coming off of XP and have only had Vista for about a month now. I had a whole bunch of funny GIF's on my old XP computer, and transferred over everything onto this new computer and I can't seem to load up GIF's, it'll open but it won't like play it'll just stay paused. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Oh, and I'm not sure if specs matter or not but:
Intel Core i7 920 Processor
6Gigs of DDR3 RAM
640Gig hard drive
Don't remember the graphics card, but it's like 80 bucks or something so not too too cheap.




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Don't know much here, but I too have Vista and have found that the larger in size the folder, it does get just a tad slower to open. About the GIF thing, sorry but I'm no help to you.


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I have over 140,000 pictures on my vista rig. Some of the massive folders were slow to open up. I had the index function turned off. After I enabled it it open fairly quick.
If you turn on the indexing you may have to let your system idle overnight to give it time to do the indexing.
As for the gif's right click on one and select open with. Pick one that handles gifs.