Is this Laptop worth it?

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Alright, Circuit City has this sale for a laptop, and my budget is really under 1000$. Here it is:

Mobile AMD Sempron
3000+1 Notebook Computer
DVD/CD-RW combo drive
512MB DDR-DRAM Memory
80GB UltraDMA hard drive
Integrated 802.11g wireless

Also, with this offer, you get a free 3MP digital camera and a free canon printer.

Here is the link:

Is Acer a good company for laptops? I know Toshiba is, and I'm also looking into that. But let me know about Acer and the laptop. Also, if you've had any previous experiences, that'd help.

Also, how is this Acer?

And this one?

I personally think the last one would be better, but I'm not sure.

If you have any other suggestions for laptops under $1000, please link them here. I'm not concerned so much about video card and stuff, but more towards memory, space, and speed. Thanks.
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