Is this Graphics card compatible for my PC?

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First, when you post you should put your PC Specs if you're asking something and the Video Card Model.
For your question from what I saw on your links I thnk it can handle it but I'm not sure about the PSU Power Supply. You should look up inside the case to see how much watts is it it should be between 180W to 250W being a HP you would need at leat 350W or 400W PSU. Good Luck!!!!

What happened to your old Video Card??
the fan melted off, I sent it back to newegg for replacement annd they don't have one, so they are going to refund the money which should be $130 when I bought it. So with that money I can buy a better card.
also it said I needed 300W Power supply for the 9800pro and it was very stable in my PC, rarely it turned off when I was playing BF2, but I think it was more of an overheating issue sinse sometimes nothing was happening on screen and it just turned off, it's not like it had render some intense stuff. But it was very stable overall.
I would recommend Upgrading your PSU as well that if you live in a hot area or something try to open your case while you play so that air can come inside more easily Good Luck!!
Actually the air conditioning vent is very close to my PC and it's always on on hot days, and yeah I'll get a new PSU if I have stability issues.

thanks for the help
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