is this D.O.A


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had a cpu and motherboard bundle delivered today.
put it all together, hit the power button and the fan powers up.
i hear a single beep, but nothing on the monitor. the graphics card is agp and was working in this tower before. as was the hdd.
any ideas?


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check the manual or the mobo manufacturers website for the beep codes.
It makes a beep so something might be wrong, and the amount of beeps should tell u what it is.
But I don't remember them, and there might be different meanings depending on the manufacturer. So u just have to search.


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here is another thing!
it will only fire up if i remove the cmos jumper, or if i put it in the cmos clear position!!
if it is in the default position, it wont even turn the fan!


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Erm last time i Heard this it was my ram, it was incompitable like others said google and read your manual closely. Beeps mean different things and they all important.