Is this computer any good?


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I do not think that you should draw any conclusions from any rumors.
First look at who made the parts of the product and you will see that they are not made by Acer.
Among other things, it is a desktop tower and you can always change what you want.
But in another post you ask which company is good and which is bad. There is no way to answer this, because if a company knowingly did bad goods, it would not be on the market never.
You need to know for yourself what you want and what you are going to use this computer for. A lot depends on it.
Remember that universal things are always the worst choice.
That is, if you are a gambler, what is suitable for an engineers, will definitely not suit you and vice versa.

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If it feels like it is getting hot inside the case, look to see if there is a cut out for an extra fan for the rear, if there is then just pop one in there, be sure to measure the size of the fan cut out so you can put the right size fan in it. You may or may not have to use a connector from your power supply and use that to power the fan...If the motherboard has an extra fan port your good to go.
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