Is this a good HD upgrade?

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There are free programs out there that can do the same as ghost. I don't happen to remember any at the moment.

You do realize that your battery time will go down quickly with a 7200rpm HDD. There are 5400rpm drives that have that much space.
^ I didn't think of the battery time thing. I normally just mod my big computer, but the laptop is VERY slow at start-up and sometimes takes a little bit to find things. I leave it plugged in most of the time.

Can I get a HDD that's fast in the 5400rpm speed?

Here's my HDTach shot.. I have stuff running, if it matters.

I'm not exactly sure, but a SSD is normally faster than a 7200rpm drive. But you pay the price. If space is what you need, get an external drive.

Did you try cleaning it up, using Ccleaner? Run Malwarebytes to test registry problems?
^ I keep it pretty much in check with CC Clean/MWB. That helps a LOT and I recommend it a lot as well. And yeah, an SSD is normally faster than any plate HDD. I've got one in my big rig (sig.)

Just wondering... I know I could prolly use a RAM upgrade for the laptop. It just seems slow at times, but it runs Photoshop CS3 fine. My first build was an Athlon X2 4200 that refused to run photoshop. Just surprised the laptop runs it as efficiently as it does.
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