Is this a good gaming system for 1500?

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Hey guys, Im new to these forums and also dont know a whole lot about computer systems and hardware.
I am looking to upgrade my garbage pc to a system that can run WoW on full options and not lag. and even other games such as wow or even better.
I want a fast and reliable system that I can also upgrade in the future if need be.

I live in canada, and found this at a local store,
any suggestions?:
HP Pavilion Desktop with Intel Core i7-860 Processor and 21.5" Widescreen LCD Monitor - Best Buy Canada
yep if your willing to build your own you can make one much better, otherwise the other guys in usa here have some good sites which don't charge much of a premium to build a computer with your selected components.
dont EVER buy anything from best buy, you pay premium plus tax and shipping!

newegg, amazon, and tigerdirect at MUCH much much better. amazon is the best, no tax and usually no shipping, newegg a lot of times has no shipping but has tax, and i dunno about tigerdirect, never bough anything ffrom there

here i found these on newegg, anyone of these will smoke that HP:

Newegg only has tax for people that live where their HQ is based, and their warehouses. I never get tax from them. Just like any other business, even Amazon. Also, he's in Canada. He'll be charged extra tax and customs fees for any of the systems you listed.
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