is this a good case?

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hey guys im in the process of building my first pc. im wating for the release of conroe befroe i decide to go intel or amd.
so im in search of a new case and psu right now,i live in canada so i would perfer to purchase from canadian sites only to save on duty and shipping

i would like a case that uses 120mm fans to have good air flow and keep in nice and quiet, looks are not important,
is this a good case, and if not what do you guys recomend

i need something to house:
2 cd drives
1 fan controler
1 multi card reader
2 harddrives
then graphics card,and possably soundcard

bacily i have about 130 to spend on a case and psu, i have read that most psu's that are included with cases are crap so i have no idea where to start with psu's

please help a noob out


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You can get a Fortron 400 watt for 10 bucks more. I would go with that as opposed to a brand I've never heard of before.
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