Is there a way of seeing in real time what is loading on my pc?


In Runtime
Ok, so on my PC (WINDOWS 7 ULT x64) After I get to the welcome screen I type my password in and then hit enter (as you do).

I have group policy set to display what the pc is doing whilst its loggin me in rather than simply saying "Welcome" in which it does by default. But I need to find out what is taking so so long to load when I get to "Preparing Desktop".

I dont have a clutterd desktop so I was wondering if it could be an application or a service perhaps. So I want to be able to get hold of some software perhaps to see what specifically is being loaded that slows that process down so much.

As my parents PC is meant to be slower and mine is meant to be way faster but they log in instantly and they have 4 users, not one like I do (being myself)

All help is appreciated, thanks :)

Emm Hello? Does anyone know


In Runtime
there is a start-up folder in the start menu, if you have alot of things in it that will cause it to take longer to start up. To get to this folder press the start menu and select all programs and scroll down and there you should find the start-up folder.