Is there a file recovery utility that will do a full-drive text-string search?


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I'm running Win XP on a Dell Poweredge 400SC, with an 80GB drive that is half-empty.

My 300KB bookmarks.html file in Netscape 7.1 mysteriously disappeared one day to be replaced by the default Netscape bookmarks file. Additionally, the Netscape install.log shows an installation date of 08/05/04 even though I had not done an installation on that date or in the months before that. This is the same time that my bookmarks disappeared. My 13-year-old daughter swears she didn't do anything that day.

I have tried a number of shareware file recovery utilities in an attempt to find the deleted bookmarks.html file but could not find any trace of the file using any of the utilities.

What I think I need is a file recovery utility that will open the drive and do a block-by-block or sector-by-sector search for a text string that I know was in the bookmarks.html file when it went missing.

Does anyone know of a file recovery utility that allows a text-string search? A friend told me that he thought that there was a self-booting Linux utility that might work, but I can't find it.

I realize that I will probably not be able to recover the entire file intact in one piece, but I don't mind piecing it back together from whatever I am able to find.

Thanks for the help.