Is there a easier way?? Monitor question.

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I am currently using a Single Dell 24'' G2410 monitor for my Computer. Via DVI to DVI

I also use the SAME monitor to play Xbox360 Via HDMI to DVI

The question.

Is the only way to switch between the two (xbox 360, computer), To unplug one DVI from the monitor then Plug the Other DVI into the monitor???

Is there Some kind of device with a switch. I can plug both DVIs (one from the xbox, one from the computer) into? then have One DVI going to the Monitor.

and switch between the two without having to unplug anything?? - Is there such a thing? or something similar to that?

Just wondering because its been getting REALLY old having to unplug one, to use the other. four or five times a day.
Yes, there is such a device, called a KVM switch. It will switch from one to the other with a keyboard command, for Ctrl+1+2, depending on the switch.
Thank you very much. I am looking into some now.

Have any suggestions on what one would be perfect for what i will use it for? For a Good Price?


What is the difference in Video Quality between DVI and VGA?? Big Difference? or no?
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