is phenom 9500 compatible with 32 bit windows?

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I built a computer with the following specs. phenom 9500 processor, 4 gigs ram, gigabyte ma790fx-ds5 hupertransport 3 mobo. a 550 watt continuous power supply

the computer keep restart doing simple stuff like install net framework 2.0, video drivers etc.. I disable autorestart yet I can't get a blue screen for anything to help me troubleshoot. it just restarts.

yet I can run 3d mark (1252) and performance test 6 (832. 200 points better than any score that I ever had) without any problem. the ram tests fine.

I wondering if regular windows can handle a quad core processor.
XP is known for having some problems with a Quad CPU. But i have not heard of things like this. Is the XP up to date or a old SP1 disc?
my bios say something about something being patch at boot. I google this and it sound kinda like my problem. maybe the patch didn't work
Much of AMD's bad luck over the last three months revolves around a nasty bug it just can't shake

Erratum, to those in the hardware or software industry, is a nice way of saying "we missed a test case" during development and design.

Yesterday, The Tech Report confirmed AMD's iteration of Intel's F00F bug. The bug, which has been documented since at least early November, can cause a deadlock during recursive or nested cache writes.

How does the TLB erratum occur? All AMD quad-core processors utilize a shared L3 cache. In instances where the software uses nested memory pages, this processor will experience a race condition.

AMD's desktop product marketing manager Michael Saucier describes a race condition as a series of events "where the other guy wins who isn't supposed to win."

In the software world, a typical memory race condition occurs when the memory arbiter is instructed to overwrite an older block of memory, but write the old block of memory to somewhere else in cache. In the instance where two arbiters follow this same rule set, its easy to see how a race condition can occur: both arbiters attempt to overwrite the same blocks of information, resulting in a deadlock.

From what AMD engineers would tell DailyTech, this example is very similar to what occurs with nested memory pages in virtualized machines on these K10 processors.

AMD has since released a new BIOS patch for all K10 motherboards, including the often cited but rarely seen MSI K9A2 Platinum. This patch, confirmed by DailyTech, will result in at least a 10% reduction in general computing speed.

AMD partners tell DailyTech that all bulk Barcelona shipments have been halted pending application screening based on the customer. Cray, for example, was allowed its latest allocation for machines that will not use these nested virtualization techniques. Other AMD corporate customers were told to use Revision F3 (K8) processors in the meantime.

The TLB erratum will be fixed in the B3 stepping of all AMD quad-core processors, including Phenom and Barcelona. However, AMD considers the B3 stepping a "March" item on its 2008 roadmap. Processors shipped between then and now will still carry the TLB bug, though with the BIOS workaround these machines will not experience a lockup.

The delayed Phenom 9700 is affected by the TLB bug, though AMD insiders tell DailyTech the upcoming 2.6 GHz Phenom 9900 is not affected. This indicates Phenom 9900 will carry the B3-stepping designation.

AMD's latest roadmap hints that its tri-core processors are merely quad-core processors with one core disabled. The company also indicated that it will introduce some of these tri-core processors with the L3 cache disabled. Removing the shared-L3 cache from the chip design eliminates the TLB bug.

In a likely-related event, AMD's newest corporate roadmap scheduled three Phenom processors for the first half of 2008; one of which is the Phenom 9700. The company will launch eleven new 65nm K8 processors in the same time period.

and as for xp w/o no multi core support... only xp home has no multi-core support... professional supports up to like 32 cores or something like that.... my q6600 has 0 problems performing in windows xp pro
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