is it possible


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is it possible that you can still have a virus on your computer, even if you deleted your old partition and raid drivers and what not, and reinstall windows, even using a different windows xp pro disc??

i was having problems with my computer....
it wouldnt boot half the time, and when it did, it would automaticly close out internet explorer for no reason..

got to the point where it wouldnt boot up anymore... so i reinstalled everything!! right after a fresh restall.... about 2 minutes later i got a msg saying something about windows has found a problem bla bla bla...
and it wasnt the windows recovery warning either....

right after the fresh instal i look at my msconfig/startup and i found dumprep o-k ... i googled it and some said it was a virus and some said it was a windows program... any input?


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once the partition is deleted so is the virus.
Though it's always possible that you got a virus again, run some scans to be sure.
Dumprep shouldn't do any harm, but you can disable it if you want to. It's not that important.
It would probably be smart to check the hardware for problems, I'd start with the hdd. (go to the manufacturers website, there should be a diagnostics tool ther).
And it would be good if you could get the exact message that windows gives you.

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I think you might have gotten a virus again. You should put up your windows firewall the minute you make a connection to the net. You shouldn't have errors like that right after a fresh install.

Do some scans and get rid of that dumprep thing.


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dumprep runs when a program has a critical error and can't be restored.

however, a spyware program could be masking itself as dumprep. It isn't essential, so your safe to disable it.