Is it bad to sleep often?


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I usually turn my pc on every morning. I work at it for about an hour at a time then I'm off of ot for a few more hours, then on it again. Should I put it to sleep everytime I'm done? Or should I let it run constantly? I just wanted to know if it's bad for a computer to sleep often. thanks


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i put my to sleep if i know i will be back at it within a few hours. now if i leave for work, an 8 hour shift...then i shut it down. my rule of thumb is, if you won't use it for more then 5 hours...then shut it down, otherwise just put it to sleep :)


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When I'm at home my computer is usually switched on in the morning and I'll do odd things here and there. When I go away, for maybe 2 or 3 hours .. even more, I'll just turn the screen off and leave the computer running ... I should probably let it sleep though. I would usually only turn it off at night time, before I go to bed.