Is Guild Wars good?

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or is it fvcked already with dupes, hacks, and guides for "how to build teh best character"
no, its a great game, i play it everyday for about 5 hours :_: and i enjoy the rp part and the pvp part and there is no best characters, you can have a very good build but there is always gonna be someone else to counter your build, and once u get in a guild and start doing guild battles u have a lot of fun, so its worth the $50 plus there are no monthly fees
This is one of the best games that i ever played, there alot of different possibilities of types of character, no montly fee, you can 4 characters per account instead of just one like other games. The PvE is awesome and when your done with you get a robust PvP action which is awesome.
its somewhat similar to diablo II, actually. The only problem ive had is people leaving my group during a mission. Other than that, the game is fantastic- one of the best ive played in a while.

i wanna try it out...but all my friends IRL that play RPG's play either D2 or WoW and i HATE wow....and i'm getting bored of DiabloII....too many dupes, hacks, ebayers, noobs, etc.
Guild wars is a easy game to get use to and the story lines not that bad....also u don't need a high end system to run it and the graphics are very nice...
ya even with the graphics all the way down, the game still looks awsome
WoW and Guild Wars are totally different.

GW is the best RPG I have ever played and to call it a MMORPG is an understatment. It's huge, and soon to be some expansions.

I have a total of ~170 with only ONE character. friend let me borrow his GW account so i could play it

i'll check it out some time
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