Is Conroe that much better?

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Okay, I haven't been following the computer scene for a while. I have been working on my car alot lol.

Anyways, I get bored and I look at to get back into the loop. WTF Intel is now back into the lead?

Are the Conroe core CPU's better than the dual core 64bit AMD cpu's? What do you guy's think? I am staying with AMD not matter what because I know when they start using 65nm then Intel is farked.

Conroe is 32bit right? If that is the case, do the AMD 64 bit cpus whoop the Conroes in performance in Vista performance?

Gah I'm going crazy lol!


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Core 2 Duo aka Conroe, yes is better than AMD athlon 64's, and a **** of a lot cheaper. They will be 64-bit, but like a majority of cpus they'll be able to run 32-bit applications and OS's.

E6600 - Around $310 - 2.4Ghz - out performs $1000 FX-60.



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No, Conroe is 64-bit, and has superior performance to pretty much all current AMD64 chips. It's a more efficient, more potent architecture, and it does more for less money, with less power. Yes, I know it's a shift from AMD being on top, but some people need to get over it. I'm not saying all current AMD users need to go and buy Conroe motherboards and CPUs and compatible RAM right this second, but it's definitely something to keep in mind if you're building/buying a new system in this timeframe.
[sarcasm]wow maybe i missed something but are the conroe chips on shelves already?[/sarcasm]

maybe its just me but i don't think we should say things like " and a **** of a lot cheaper", "and it does more for less money" until someone has purchased one. the fact of the matter is nothing is set in stone. for instance the Xbox360 was supposed to be released at $499 australian. reality check: $750. DO NOT quote a price until release, or at least throw in words like "roughly", "around", "approximately", "should be". do it for me, i'm pedantic ;):D

to the point, all benchmarks and info so far suggests that they really are as good as Intel say. i still don't trust the overclocking though.


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Shifter said:
Has it got an official release date yet?


July some time. I think it is the 23rd.

The fact of the matter is, it is now Intels turn to be ahead while AMD develops K8L. Then it will be AMD's turn. Intel will then create something better and so it goes on...


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They are 64 bit, they are dual core, they are power efficiant, they are faster, they are cheaper, they are Intel's future.

Yes they are good.

wtk pro l

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Tyler1989 said:
They are 64 bit, they are dual core, they are power efficiant, they are faster, they are cheaper, they are Intel's future.

Yes they are good.


But watch out for AMDs next move, they dont have ES yet but I will try and get one when they come out.

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nitestick said:
do it for me, i'm pedantic ;):D

"Hmm, yes, shallow and pedantic." - Peter Griffin

I'm willing to bet that Intel will pull ahead, and then all these AMD people who shifted over will be like d00d, K9 is soooooo much better than Conroe, omgz!

Then AMD will win again.

Either way, I don't really care. I'm set for another 2 years before I NEED to upgrade, by then, who knows what will be in store for us?
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