Is an IT degree from the University of Phoenix worthless?

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I figured I would ask here since I'm sure there are a few IT professionals that have heard about this school in the industry.

I'm in the military and don't have the time or schedule to go to a traditional university. The Phoenix campus teaches many classes on site and offers courses online as well. When I get out I want a degree to go with the certs I've managed to scrape out, my five plus years of experience and security clearance. I hope that this will be enough to give me a good start in the civilian sector.

I'm reluctant to waste so much time and money if Phoenix is viewed as a degree mill. My only other option is to go unemployed for a couple years after I get out and finish my degree at a normal school.

How well received is this school in the "real world"? I definately plan on getting my masters from a normal is this degree good enough for now?
Well, it's definatly not as good as from a regular University, but I don't know if it's worthless.
UOP is a worthless "school"

Well, I wouldn't say WORTHLESS, but it is NOT what people make it out to be.

I left UOP for several reasons, one of which were the prospective employers giggling at the line in my resume statitng I was attending the "school". UOP has NO library or computer lab, yet the issue your degrees in computers. (They also offer degrees in nursing w/no library or lab. - scary).

We had 30 people in our class, but the university only had 3 laptops for the entire campus. How can you teach computers w/out computers? You are required to have a computer of your own at home, but it is piss poor that the "campus" doesn't provide the proper classroom materials.

Employers are aware of this and many are reluctant to hire someone w/out and previous traditonal IT education who has obtained their degree from the UOP. I've had several friends who have trouble being taken seriously with their UOP degrees.

I would go to a traditional college, if I were you.
I'd say skip it. If you are just doing it to get the degree, I personally think you might be better of just getting the certs. But I do understand that getting the 'degree' is important in finding some jobs. I've noticed a lot of jobs with degree, and/or equivalent work experience. I was a 'work experience' equivalent person for a while, although some corporate jobs do require the degree. But a lot of them don't. Check with the local schools, I had no idea that my school had some of the classes available over the web, or through the 'cable tv' channel. There are more and more 'reputable' state colleges and others starting online classes... But the hands on stuff is really what you need, and being physically there working on their tech equipment would be lacking if this is an important part of your career path - Just be a Sociologist - those liberal arts majors go home at noon! j/k ;)

I can't really comment on Arizona - I've heard negative reviews of the classes, but only from 2nd hand.

Online education might work for some techies - like for programming, database design; however, for the admins, help desk and other support related paths I would think that some would miss out on gads of hands on experience...

There is a lot to say about the people you meet at college too, some people exited about the stuff and start companies, invent new stuff, or find jobs because of the social networking that goes on. Bulletin boards with ads from graduate schools, and meeting people IRL at the job fair on campus.
This is hard to do in a chat buffer...

I say start your own school ;) Get your certs and market yourself. There is always the opportunity to go back to school...

my 2c
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