Is America Fascist? Does it matter? An informative essay.

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Tecumseh said:
What's going on is that the vast majority of peace loving Americans have just about had it with the United Nations and other interests outside the US attempting to control and run the US and are beginning to fight back.
Ripped straight from the headlines of Fox News apparently. In case you didn't know the UN doesn't really like resorting to war. For example, they *opposed* that *war* with Iraq we started a few years back. Invading foreign countries isn't a particularly peace loving thing to do yet we did it anyways.
And you've got the other part of your statement wrong, too. Nobody is trying to control the US from the outside. If anything, the US is attempting to control the rest of the world. That's why we're constantly referred to in other countries as the "Evil Empire". Plus our government wiretaps it's own citizens at will now, which seems like a pretty totalitarian (maybe eve fascist, as Nazi Germany did many things similar to this) thing to do.

Oh, and I don't really like the ACLU either. They don't have an important purpose anymore, they just seem to sit around and complain about anything and everything no matter how much/how little sense it makes to. They used to be a great organization though no doubt about that.
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