Is 600 Watts enough ?

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is a 600 watt ultra X4 pwoer supply enough to run this setup

asus m478t e mother board
Phenom 2 X4 955 oc 3.8
corsair dominator 4 gb oc 1600 mhz
3 hard drives 7200 rpm
1 optical drive
and a 5770 oc
and one set of cold cathode lights

feed back would be nice asap
I agree about Ultra PSUs being bad. I had a pretty 500w green modular PSU back in the day, and it failed within 2 days. I ended up taking the guts out of it and replacing them with a 500watt generic PSU to make it modular =). It was fun to tinker with it.

I recommend Antec power supplies. They are usually very good quality. I have never used Corsair, but if Slaymate recommends them then they are probably pretty good too.
thanks for the input im probably gonna replace my power supply i keep getting random crashes and lock ups when everything maxes out and it ony happens after a while and not all the time and it only started happening when i put my 5770 video card in

when im playing a game even with no oc on anything it will lock up and crash and its bugging the crap outta me and ill get random bsod outta no where even when im not doing anything and i keep hearing a wired noise coming from my power supply area like something stuck in the fan but theirs not anything in the fan when im putting a load on it playing a game or running a benchmark

ive been trying to figure out whats causing the problem for a few weeks now it worked fine for a week then outta no where it just died one night and wouldn't boot back up till i took out video card i put the video card back in today to check it and it still works fine

anyone got any advice that could help out would be great
im rmaing the video card just to see if its causing the problem
thanks in advance for any help you guys can give me on my problem

im gonna be buying a new mother board and new ram to cause my buddy is gonna pay me for mine
k so i just left my computer on while i slept and i woke up to a long high pitched beep really getting annoyed with this computer
a long pitch beep is a gpu issue usually.

You need to check your bsod errors and see if its a consistent error or random.

It could still be a psu power issue, but it might be gpu related.
well m,y computer was off the second time the beep happened and it was coming threw the speakers and it started out low then would build up to a louder whine i think its either my mother board or power supply

and how do i check my BSOD error
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