Is 512 MB RAM enough for all the WinXP junk?

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When I bought my laptop, I figured that 256 MB RAM is the standard, and that 512 would be more then sufficiant. But alas, Windows XP is the most resource hogging (just like its makers :laughing: ) OS ever, and it's dependance on virtual RAM is far too much for confort. Even when I cut down on running services (as well as enabled ones altogether...some of them are just junk), I still have most of my RAM filled up as well as a heavy page file of at least 200 MB dragging down my system performance.

Do we really need a minimum 768 RAM today, or is there something wrong with my setup? Anybody experiencing similar issues?
No, I have 512 and have no such problems. Something else is eating your resources.
I have been running a XP 1600 with 256mb of PC2100 for the past couple of months and I think XP runs great. I even do my video editing with this setup. I record the nascar races and burn them to a VCD to playback on my console DVD player.
512 is plenty, especially if it's decent DDR. If you're lucky, you can even get away with 128mb in XP, but only if you don't do much gaming or multitasking. I had my server (PII 350) running XP at a decent speed with 128mb of generic PC100 SDRAM for quite some time, but I've recently switched it back to Win2k since it doesn't seem quite as memory hungry.
I agree too ,, 512 should be plenty,,I have a PII 400 with 384 mb of PC100 running XP pro without issue,, antivirus, games, movies , etc...

I also have a laptop with 512 mb, and run instances, movies, monitors, antivirus, lotus,Illustrator, without hesitation,,

Must be something else??
You're probably all time I do a cleanup (backup documents, then reformat) I'll have to install programs one by one, and see which is eating up my resources. Maybe StyleXP, but I didn't think that it took a lot of resources. hmm...
I'm running XP Home, the update, on 191 MB of RAM, with a HD about to take a crap, and a 500 Mhz. Celeron, and it runs decent. w/ that much ram, it doesn't quite add up.
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