IRQL is not equal to or less than

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Talk about frustrated, I deal whith tech support... (for my sins) I have about 25 customers all with this IRQL problem. I have tried ACPI, and Reallocating IRQ's but the problem still persits. Pls help........
This may point to a device driver conflict first update all your drivers. If the problem still persists do the following one step at a time first check that "this is a PnP OS" is enabled in BIOS next step would be to reset bios to defaults next try clearing bios via jumper on motherboard if still no joy try flashing the bios with a flash update from your motherboard manufacturer. I fixed a customers PC last week with the same problem.
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This post is one year old! - I doubt he still needs help matey.


anyway, i had that same error, M$ site has all the info on it.. in my sitruation it was a memory issue.
It could also be a result of ur Battery runs out of energy. I just solved this issue last week when, at the time of desperation, changed my Cmos battery and everything just revert back to normal.
My problem was a hot CPU. Added a Cooler Master Turbo bad boy fan & the problem went away. I did all the ram test, etc... first, Problem dragged on for months. It really sucked!!!
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