IPv4's Last Days

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IPv4's Last Days

We've long heard of the inevitable end to IPv4, but it is now closer than previously thought. The American Registry for Internet Numbers has speculated that sometime between the middle and end of next year they will run out of IPv4 addresses.

Saying no to an IPv4 request will be shocking to some organizations, which is why ARIN is trying to get the word out now on the importance of moving to IPv6, Jimmerson said. The IPv6 address space, the next generation of IP addressing, provides 340 trillion trillion trillion (34 x 10 to the 38th power) Internet addresses
They've been saying that for years.
Also, NAT.

Nat isnt a sutiable replacement for real address's when it comes down to it.

I know they have been saying it for years, but what if they didnt?

ive been tring to get ipv6 going for about a month now, just dont have the time.
If you read the actual article, it is saying that the rest of the world is using up the IPv4 addresses faster than we are.

If anything, North America will not need to move to IPv6 before the rest of the world. I kind of wish we would though. I would like to have my own static, public IP address block.
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