iPod Problem - Operating System? Not Quite.


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Yeah, I guess iPods don't exactly qualify for 'Operating Systems' but anyway anyone who has an iPod can help me out here.. Here it goes:

Ok, so I have an iPod Mini. Lots of people have iPod Mini.. They're cool little things. So anyway.. I was just on my iPod trying to drain my battery so I could charge it (if you charge when it's not exactly necessary for survival then your iPod battery's compacity lowers by 20% or somthing like that). Anyway I go to one of my playlists -> Play a song.. 'Bring Em Out' (love this song). No time even elapsed before suddenly.. My iPod freezes. It's been stuck in this state for about a day now... LOL, can somone help me out please? Thanks for everything, guys. :eek: :D