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hi guys =] i just wanted to know if i get a ipod Mini if i can only use iTunes songs onto my ipod mini or can it be from anything else like mp3 files i ripped from a cd. or just any mp3 file i have on my comp. Thanks =]
if i were you, i would get the Creative Zen Micro... it's a LOT smaller than the iPod mini, and it is 5GB, and it costs 179 dollars. It also has FM tuner on it, pretty good, my cousin has one, and it' sOOO KOOOOOOL... all buttons are touch pads, and has a cool scroll thing.... and it comes with 2 batteries... nothing beats it:D
I think Creative makes a better overall product. Also, accessories and battery replacements are WAY cheaper thank Ipod's, plus the FM Tuner is a really nice feature.
One other thing, Ipod Mini comes with only a cable and Audio software, that's it. Creative's Zen Micro comes with the usb cable, armband, and a wall charger. Those two accessories will run you $60 from Apple, but they're included with the Zen.
yah get the zen micro. i have one, it's awesome. much better sound quality and the equalizer isn't crippled as it is on the ipod. it's also as easy to use as an ipod. it has an fm radio and replaceable battery in addition to all that.
Obviously, you guys don't know about the headphone jack problem creative has. It gets loose. It gets loose on the dell djs too because creative makes the dell djs for dell. Also, it has a shorter battery ife. 9 claimed hours, probably shorter than that.
and please dont get a creative nomad zen xtra, at least not an older one. i had one, and it died spontaneously after about 8 months. maybe the new ones and the zen touch and zen micro are better though
i didnt want the zen micro cuhz of one, i have a fetish for mp3s and the mini has pretty skins xD hahaha. and umm the zen micro, my freidn has one and its super sexy and all but the earjack is soo unreliable. It broke for him cuhz he used a differnt earphone.. lol i just want something reliable.. thats all. oh yeah, and somthing i can dress up !! ROFL
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