IP Conflicts with Wired and Wireless Routers


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Okay, my family is making a slow transition from a wired network to a wireless network. So, all of the computers are hooked into a wired router from Netgear (Netgear Prosafe VPN Firewall FVS318 with 8 Ports) and a Linksys Wireless router (WRT54G with 4 ports). The main reason we have not switched entirely over to a wireless router is because we could not find a router that had enough ports. We needed 4 ports for computer, 2 ports for two XBox360s (all of which are wired at this minute). We also got two Playstation Portables that connect wirelessly. So, that's 6 wired devices and 2 wireless devices that I'm trying to get a dedicated connection to.

The issue I'm having right now is that some of the computers and consoles are having some IP conflicts. On my console, I sometimes try to connect to the internet and I can't get a connection. Simply unplugging and plugging the ethernet cable back into the console fixes this, but I have to do this half of the time. On the laptop, which this also happens to a lot, often times has trouble connecting to the internet and I have to turn the router on and off to get it to connect.

This is the basic setup I have:

Netgear (Wired): 4 ports for computer and 2 ports for Gaming Consoles.
Linksys (wireless): 2 of 4 ports used for Playstation Portables (at the moment).

The internet is plugging directly into the Netgear router and the linksys router's first port is plugged into the 8th port on the Netgear router. Netgear's DHCP is on and is picking IPs started from 2-51 and the DHCP on the Linksys wireless router is turned off.

From the information I've provided, can anyone figure out what I probably have to do to fix this problem?


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you could stop connecting via dhcp and set different manual ip addresses for each device. that would work. go to network connections. right click the network adapter. go to properties, then tcp/ip. enter the right settings. easily done on the psp too. not sure about the 360's


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Do all your machines stay on all the time? If they are all handed out dhcp addresses then their should be no conflict. The dhcp server (in theory) should know what addresses it has handed out and connected so it wont hand out the same twice. Now in my case.... i have a few machines that are set staticly and when they are taken off the network, the dhcp server hands out their addresses. I use a Windows server with dhcp reservation to fix that issue.


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Have you checked if the linksys wireless router is set to recieve dhcp, sounds like your linksys ip address on your network is the same as you main router. Try changing the ip of the linksys router. Only thing I can think of since you said you have dhcp turned off on it (was my first guess).