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Hello, I'm a brand spanking n00b. I've searched and this seems like the best forum for me. So, I just got into computers. I thought I knew something, but turns out I know nothing.:( I'm really getting into programming but I'm way behind on hardware and terminology. So, bare with me I have a lot to learn a maybe a few dumb questions.

Since this is an intro
My first love is and always will be is cars. I'm a Honda and Ford guy. I know that is a weird combo. I mostly like the 88-91 and some 92-95 Honda chassis and all Mustang chassis, particular the the sn95. I'm currently Mustang-less but I have an 88 CRX si and a 91 Civic si. I'm doing an all motor build. And I'm not a ricer like all the Mexicans that "pimp" out their rides.

Anyway in January I start school for computer science and I don't want to be behind. So, I guess off to searching the forum and learning.


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Welcome man. I hope you can have some fun and learn alot from us all.


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"I'm a complete noob. This seems like the place for me!"
Ha, a shining review we will all treasure. Welcome aboard mate. You'll enjoy it here.