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All Seeing Eye
Well, because the section of 'main' forums have been reduced, it may need a resizing again :rolleyes:
I saw on Webmaster talk that they have a Introducing :eek: Forum, which new-ppl introduce themselve. I think it is a nice idea that we should adopt.
I guess it will be nice if you can write here your ideas for its name, and if, at all, you think there should be one. We are planning a big change, and maybe Chopper will think this is a nice enovation too..
I thought it may be called 'Introducing Hall' or 'N00bie Hall'.
thanks you for telling :)
Many of the forums I go to have this; it will also keep the posts distributed evenly between the 'new' forum and Offtopic. :)
Sounds like a good idea to me. You could just call it "New Members" or something. You could also possibly put locked FAQ threads with answers to the most repetative questions that are asked.
I wonder who thought the idea is bad and voted 'no'... I mean, I wonder why he voted no.. hmm..
anyways, thanks for voting.. I saw people starting posting 'first message' and 'hello!' messages in the Off-topic discussion, and I thought we should have this introducing forum..
oh, and please, suggest names..?
So I shouldn't have voted "No"? Just kidding, it wasn't me. I think it's a great idea.

It might be better called New Members as opposed to Newbies. They might be new to the forum, but very experienced in the tech field.

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